Bible Gateway: An online resource for reading the Holy Bible. Click here.


The Lutheran Confessions: The historic documents that define the teachings of the Lutheran Church. For a free online resource, click here. You can purchase a more comprehensive print copy here.

The Small Catechism: Martin Luther's brief work describing the essentials of the Christian faith. A must read for those interested in learning the Lutheran basics. Click here.

Prince of Peace's YouTube Channel: Every Sunday we livestream our divine service. Click here for our YouTube page.

Prince of Peace's Facebook Page: Click here.

Christ Community Lutheran School: Our school association. Click here.

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod: The website of our church body. Click here.

Concordia Publishing House: The website of our church body's publishing house. Click here.

The World Wide Wolfmueller: A collection of videos and writings from Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. A helpful resource for both Lutherans and those seeking to better understand the Lutheran Church. Click here.


Lutheran Satire: Pastor Fiene's multimedia project intended to teach the Lutheran faith through the use of humor. For the Lutheran Satire website, click here. For the Lutheran Satire YouTube channel, click here.