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Matins Devotion: August 11, 2023

Since Roe vs. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court, voters have chosen to expand the reach of legal abortion every time that question has been put to them on the ballot. Even in supposed God-fearing, church-going red states like Kansas this has been the case. Now part of the reason, at least in a political sense, is that the advocates of these abortion initiatives are all shameless liars who prey upon the ignorance of voters, convincing them that their options are either entirely legal abortion or women dying from untreated ectopic pregnancies. But there is a deeper spiritual issue that we need to acknowledge–the spiritual reality that sexual immorality has become the default religion of so many people, including many who identify as Christians.

It’s the same problem we see in the Corinthians. Paul had taught them the Gospel of freedom in Christ, the promise that Jesus had set them free from the law that could not make them righteous. But Satan had twisted and contorted this idea in their hearts, convincing them that Jesus had come to set them free from righteousness itself. This is why they rejoiced to receive as one of their own a man having a sexual relationship with his step-mother. Christ, in their mind, is not the greatest gift. Freedom is–freedom to live however one chooses, freedom to pursue their passions, freedom to worship the desires of the flesh as their ultimate god.

So it is today. People will tell you they believe in Christ and that they know He forgives their sins, at least the ones they feel bad about. But in the end, Jesus has come to set them free to be happy in a fleshly sense, and they can’t be happy if they can’t have sexual pleasure. So even if they don’t like abortion, even if they are morally uncomfortable with it, abortion is the tax necessary to preserve a life of sexual fulfillment. So “yes, I believe in Jesus but more abortion please” is the demonic result of the same Corinthian heresy in our day, the belief that sexual pleasure makes us happy and Jesus set us free to be happy.

But Jesus did not set us free to be happy, at least in a carnal sense. He set us free to be holy. Jesus came to set us free from the crushing weight of the commandments we could not keep. The Bridegroom of eternal faithfulness came to the bride who had covered herself in unfaithfulness, and washed her clean, calling her to His side to live forever in the joy of His mercy, the true joy that no form of sexual immorality could ever replicate.

So let’s pray for our neighbors and ourselves. Let’s pray for those who have swallowed the devil’s lies about Christian freedom and for those who are constantly attacked by those lies. May God grant us all relief and repentance. May He strengthen us to build a world that seeks freedom in the blood of Christ, not freedom in the blood of the unborn.

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