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Matins Devotion: August 28, 2023

When Adam and Eve fall into sin, why does it happen? Why does Satan succeed in convincing Eve to take the forbidden fruit and why does Adam partake in this sin with her? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Eve wants something God has not given her and her husband Adam doesn’t tell her no. Instead of leading his wife away from temptation, as he was created to do, Adam follows her into it. The order of creation is turned upside down and eternal life is lost.

Why does the glorious reign of Solomon come crashing down? Why does God swear to tear apart Solomon’s kingdom after his death? It’s because Solomon takes many foreign wives who want something God has not given to them and Solomon doesn’t tell them “no.” It’s because he follows his wives into condemnation instead of leading them out of it. Solomon’s wives are devoted to false gods. They are hungering for altars to their gods who do not exist, their gods who are nothing but illusions of the serpent who wants to lead them into his jaws. And Solomon should lead his wives away from these lies. He should do for them what he does so beautifully in his sacred writings. He should lead them to the promise of the Christ, the promise of the Son of God who will fill the hungry with true and eternal salvation, the Son of God who will destroy sin forever and bring back paradise through His blood. That’s what he should do, but he doesn’t. The order of creation is turned upside down and the kingdom is lost.

Adam was an unfaithful husband. Solomon was an unfaithful husband. But Jesus Christ was the faithful husband. Because when His bride the church hungered for the sins God had forbidden us from consuming, Jesus said “no.” And He said “no” to us by saying “no” to Satan, by taking our place in the jaws of the beast, by shedding the blood that destroyed our sins and opened the doors of paradise to us. Then, when the serpent choked to death on the holy blood of Christ that his evil stomach could not digest, our faithful Bridegroom picked his life back up, picked up his bride, and carried her into the kingdom of God where no sin, no sorrow, no corruption, no deceit will ever be able to follow him. When we hungered for death, Jesus told His bride “no” and led her into the arms of God who looked at us and said, “yes, these are my beloved sons and daughters.” He led us into the arms of God where we will never hunger again because He will eternally feed us with His righteousness, innocence, and blessedness. With the faithfulness He gave His bride, Jesus Christ restored the order of creation and gave us back the kingdom and gave us life eternal.

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