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Matins Devotion: February 13, 2024

When Jesus performed his first miracle, it was in Cana, a miracle in which he turned water into wine at a wedding. And through that miracle, Jesus was showing us what he had come to do. He was showing us that he had come to welcome his bride into the wedding feast of salvation, that he had come to unite himself to his church throughout all time. Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana to show us that he would make us his own forever.

And in this second miracle in Cana today, Jesus shows us how he will do that when he heals the official’s son, when he drives away death from that child. Jesus speaks the word that shows his power over sin, over death, over condemnation, over Satan, over weeping. Jesus declares “go, your son will live,” and with those words, the Son of God demonstrates his authority over every atom of creation and over every human soul. There, from Cana, Jesus reveals the authority that will welcome us into the wedding feast for all eternity, the authority that rests on his divine lips.

And so, when Jesus cried out “it is finished” upon the cross, he did for us what he did for the official’s son. He ushered in a new reality with the authority of his words. He destroyed your sin, pulled that disease out of your flesh, conquered the grave, and crushed the devil under his feet. There, at Calvary, Jesus fulfilled the promises he made at Cana. And there, at the empty tomb, He revealed that He has now rescued you from death with his blood-soaked word, that He has now delivered you into the wedding feast where the wine of salvation will never run dry.

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