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Matins Devotion: June 5, 2024

With Jesus Christ, there is no waiting, even as we wait. This is a beautiful promise we see in our reading from John 11 today. As Martha runs out to Jesus, He gives her a word of comfort, “your brother will rise again.” And Martha responds by essentially saying, “I know that the day of comfort will come. And I promise you I’ll keep waiting for that day, for the day of resurrection.” But when Jesus responds by saying, “I am the resurrection and the life,” He’s essentially saying to her, “you don’t have to wait for that day, because every day with me is the last day. Every day that you’re with me is the Day of Resurrection,” something He’ll prove to her in just a few moments when He calls her brother out of the tomb.

On the Day of the Resurrection, Jesus Christ will dry your every tear. On that day, He will show you His eternal victory over sin, death, and the grave. On that Day, He will clothe you in the love of HIs Father and welcome you into His eternal kingdom. He will do those things. And yet, He already has done those things.

Because, through your baptism, Jesus is always with you. And every day that you believe is a day when He who is the resurrection and the life wraps you His promises and resurrection and life. Every day as a baptized child of God is a day when you possess the kingdom, the victory, the love of Almighty God. So weep now, but weep with Easter in your tears. Because you already know how the story ends. It ends with Jesus lifting you from the grave on the last day in a glorified body that will never again know sorrow and suffering. It ends with Jesus opening your eyes to see in full, glorious detail what He has already done–that He has crushed Satan, written your sins out of existence, and given you the inextinguishable love of your Father in heaven that already rests in your hands.

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