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Matins Devotion: June 9, 2023

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” This is what Solomon tells us in his first Proverb. So what does he mean by this? Well, wisdom here is not merely understanding the complex nature of the world. Wisdom is understanding God, understanding His justice and His mercy, understanding God’s law and Gospel. And so when we fear God, when we recognize His authority over us, we begin to see everything the way it really is. When we fear God, we begin to see past the lies of the flesh as we see where true comfort is found.

And so, as we hear in our reading from Proverbs 8 today, when wisdom calls to us, what do we see? When we see earthly treasures, what does divine wisdom show us? Well, wisdom shows us that we cannot find lasting peace in earthly treasures because earthly treasures won’t last. Wisdom shows us that we shouldn’t love earthly treasures because they won’t love us back. Rather, we should trust in the greater treasures of God’s mercy and salvation, treasures that will stand forever and love us back because they reveal the God who loved us first.

So don’t trust in yourself, don’t have pride in your own righteousness which will be torn down by God on the last day. Don’t trust in earthly kings whose power will melt before the reign of almighty God. Don’t trust in riches and honor, which will all rust and rot. Trust in Christ, who walked in the way of righteousness and the path of justice to Calvary. Trust in Christ who shed the blood that poured out the treasures of God’s favor upon you. Trust in Christ who reigns forever at the right hand of God. Boast in the love of Christ which has covered you and welcomed you into the arms of God. Trust in Christ who has given you the God whose favor will never fade or rot or rust. Trust in Christ who has shown you the face of the God who will always love you back because He loved you first.

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