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Matins Devotion: February 22, 2023

Once, the Creator looked at His creation and called it good. Once God looked out on this world, a world free of thistles and thorns, a world in which tsunamis and disease did not exist. Once God looked out on that world and called it good. Once God looked upon the man and woman He had made. He looked upon those who perfectly bore His image, who reflected His perfection and holiness. He looked upon sinless, spotless mankind and He called us good.

But then we corrupted ourselves with sin and the spots of death began to form, both on ourselves and in the world. Adam and Eve chose disobedience over their Lord. They chose the lies of the serpent over the truth of their Creator, and when they fell, the world fell with them. The wind and the waves fell with them. The birds of the air and the beasts of the field fell with them. And we, the offspring in their loins, fell too.

And in that moment, the Creator looked at His creation and declared that it was not good, that it was lost and condemned. He looked out and you and said you were unworthy of eternal life, defiled and stained by your sins, by your idolatry, your pride, your greed, your lust, your anger, your slander and jealousy. God looked out and He saw the typhoons swirl around the world. He saw the predator devour the prey. He saw disease eat the flesh of man and beast. And in that moment, He declared that you were His enemy.

But when God goes to war, He does not fight like the fallen kings of this earth. When God goes to war, He does not conquer His enemies by killing them, but by dying for them, by sacrificing for them. He slaughters the hatred of His enemies with His love. And that’s what your Father in heaven has done for you in the blood of Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh, God become man to restore creation and make you good again.

So today, as we begin the season of Lent, fix your eyes on Christ as He begins His journey to the cross. Fix your eyes on the Savior who will bleed for you, die for you, rise for you, and clothe you in the restored image of God. Fix your eyes on Christ who gave His life to conquer evil and declare you good again.

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